What is a “tween”? A tween is a boy or a girl who is between the ages of 9 and 12. Therefore, a tween is one that is not quite a teenager. However, as soon as the tween turns 13, he or she is not a tween anymore.

There are certain items that tween girls love to receive for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. Here are 5 thoughtful gifts for tween girls you should consider buying.

  1. Cute backpacks

These days, a backpack for a girl comes in a wide variety of fun styles. There are sparkly ones, fuzzy ones, flowered ones, and more. Most tweens would love a cute backpack for a gift. They can be used for more than just carrying school supplies. Tweens love to use these backpacks as purses or to hold things during airline trips.

2. Jewelry crafting kit

Tweens love to wear cool, fun jewelry. Some of the jewelry can be handmade and personalized by the tween herself. For example, bead bracelets are fun to make. Or, bracelets made out of hemp material. A tween can design her own bracelet and wear one or many at the same time. These bracelets are highly in-style for young women.

3. Stuffed animals

When is a girl too old to own stuffed animals? It’s not when she’s a tween. In fact, giving a tween girl a stuffed animal will turn out to be one of her most favorite gifts. There are a lot of choices out there. To narrow it down, think about what the tween likes. For example, does she like unicorns? If so, buy her a unicorn stuffed animal. Or, does she have a thing for teddy bears. Well, you get the idea!

4. Clothes

You will never go wrong when you give a tween girl clothes. However, it can’t be just any clothes. You have to make sure the clothes are the latest style and go with her personality. Name brands are also popular with tweens. So be prepared to spend a bit more on the item or items. Never give a tween clothing that is out of style or too old and frumpy looking. She’s a tween, not a middle-aged woman.

5. Inspirational books

Even though the Internet and TV are popular, tweens still like to read fun books. So give her a book that she will enjoy. Choose from the most popular current books for tweens. For example, you can never go wrong with inspirational books for tweens that will make you feel good about her life.

There are so many gifts you can give a tween. However, make sure that it is something that she will enjoy. Consider your tween’s personality and what she’s into. If she is deeply into popular culture, which many tweens are, finding a gift for her will be easy. However, even if she is a tween who likes to go her own way, finding the right gift won’t be difficult if you know who she is.

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